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Tree Pruning Melbourne

Tree pruning of large trees is a job that should ideally be carried out by the professionals. Edge Trees specialise in tree pruningand pride ourselves on seeing our trees looking great years down the track. It is a job that requires specialist equipment and knowledge to ensure optimum safety and quality. A good looking and well maintained tree easily adds a great deal of value to your home.

Tree Pruning is done for a number of reasons, mostly to improve the health and strength of the tree but also to promote and encourage growth. We do this mainly by weight reducing the crown and removing dead and diseased branches.

Incidents in the past have occurred when huge branches fall off from the tree causing damage to property and placing family members at risk. It is best to prune a tree sooner rather than later and to remove loose and hanging branches before they pose as an unnecessary threat as they can be easily prevented.

We are proud of our work in the industry and are confident you will be satisfied when we implement a tree maintenance program for you. Contact us for a prompt, obligation-free quote for Tree Pruning services in Melbourne